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Afternoon snacks with tea


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that winter is almost upon us! The temperature will drop, of course, but we can also look forward to all the magic of this season. A time of family gatherings, winter sports, strolls through neighborhoods lit up as night falls, and maybe even some snow… And what better than enjoying it to the full by instating a ritual of afternoon snacks with a steaming mug of tea?


Add an afternoon snack to your day


Think about when you last indulged in a proper afternoon snack. When did you stop taking the time to enjoy a break at 4 PM? After all, this is a major part of any child’s day! Now is a great time to put this special moment back into your routine. In winter, perhaps more than any other season, your body needs to recharge its batteries in the mid-afternoon after a generally light lunch. The sun may be setting, but you’re not ready for bed! Treat yourself to a nice break with a cup of your favorite tea.


The must-haves for a great snack


If you are at the office, gather your colleagues for a friendly chat around the kettle while you wait for your water to heat up. New ideas, little confessions, and peals of laughter await! Take advantage of this good-natured break to top up your positive energy levels until the evening. And while at home on the weekends, afternoon snacks are the perfect occasion to invite friends over for a hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit! Alternatively, you can all make pancakes together, or even prepare your next vacation! Don’t hold back on sweet winter treats, either. Waffles, warm brioche, apple sauce, and cinnamon biscuits take us back to our childhoods, do us the world of good, and go particularly well with seasonal teas.


Kusmi teas, perfect for an afternoon snack


Whether classic teas, wellness recipes, or historical or inventive blends, you can choose the teas you love best from among the vast range from Kusmi Tea. However, for that extra inspiration, we have concocted a small selection of blends that are particularly suited to winter teatimes. They range from fruity to floral and from indulgent to fragrant, and will be the ideal accompaniment to your patisserie pleasures. These teas are “sensory awakeners” from preparation to drinking, and will be the stars of every break you share with others.


If you are looking to plunge back into the flavors of summer, make yourself a cup of Four Red Fruits. A perfect balance between the natural bitterness of black tea and the slightly acidic notes of raspberry, strawberry, redcurrant, and cherry. Almond Green Tea is another, irresistibly fruity character, and will delight lovers of both sweet tastes and deep flavors. If you prefer floral aromas, give in to Rose Green Tea, a Chinese green tea exuding delicate aromas and rolled in rose petals. Finally, a must-have at any afternoon snack, Saint Petersburg is the perfect companion through the winter – and beyond! Developed for the 300th anniversary of the eponymous city and birthplace of Kusmi Tea, this blend of Earl Grey, caramel, and red fruits is nothing short of a delicacy.


Picture the scene… You are holding the hot mug in your hands while enjoying a well-deserved afternoon snack… How did you ever do without it? Now it’s up to you to imagine a new, surprising break every day!