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A tea for every moment


Tea is a real ally, a faithful traveling companion that can adapt to every moment in your day from getting up to going to bed. This versatile beverage offers everything from well-being and heat to energy and vitality, and relaxation and comfort. Here we have suggested our perfect day of teas, which can easily be adapted to your rhythm, your personal schedule, and of course your tastes!


After getting up, citrus fruits without the fuss


After you wake up, there’s nothing better than a little moment to yourself before you emerge. Choose you first tea of the day and leave to infuse while your mind wanders. Enjoy it and allow yourself to wake up, plan your day, and sort through your priorities. You’re ready to go!

The perfect tea for this moment is BB Detox with its gentle notes of grapefruit. Plunge your tea strainer into the tin of loose leaves then simply place it in your cup!


During the morning, a classic tea with indulgent notes


Around 11 AM, we feel another urge for tea. Use the few minutes while you wait for the water to boil to stretch and refocus yourself. An ideal way of recharging your batteries and staying on-point until lunchtime.

Our favorite for this moment is a black tea! Saint Petersburg is an incredible blend of Earl Grey, red fruits, caramel, and vanilla. A great tip is to never leave the house without a couple of Kusmi teabags, or to leave some in the draw of your desk. The 20-bag boxes are so practical for carrying with you everywhere that it would be a shame to go without!


With lunch or just afterwards, nothing but mint!


Many people enjoy a tea at lunch, especially when eating a cold dish such as salad or sushi. And many others enjoy their favorite hot beverage after eating, just like a dessert

The top tea for this moment is Spearmint Green Tea for its refreshing taste all contained in a ready-to-brew bag.


An afternoon snack


In the middle of the afternoon, it’s fun to take a break and swap ideas. Join your colleagues for a chat, call a friend, or daydream about your next vacation! And while you do, why not enjoy a cup of tea? Both warm and comforting, this drink fills us with optimism!

The tea for this moment is Prince Vladimir, packed with vanilla, spices, and delicious flavors. If it is late then we recommend AquaExotica. With its caffeine-free blend of hibiscus and apple topped with aromas of exotic fruits, it can be enjoyed at any time of day. You can even try the KusmiKube format, with little boxes of ten bags selected and assembled according to your tastes and plans for the day. A tailor-made assortment of tea bags on hand for every situation!


Before going to bed, calming plants


Herbal teas are a core part of any bedtime ritual. Whether curled up on your comfy couch or sat cross-legged for a final meditation session, we peacefully prepare for a restorative sleep. A sort of transition between day and night.

The tea for this moment is Be Cool and its calming blend of plants, licorice, and peppermint. Your Kusmi tea spoon will give you the perfect amount to infuse in your filter before pouring into your mug. How practical!


Now it’s up to you to find the teas to accompany you through every moment of your day!