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A day with Kusmi by Vanessa, the founder of Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte

Vanessa, founder of jewelry brand Dear Charlotte, reveals a regular day with Kusmi. Her weeks are never the same from one to the next, but they are always filled with endless lists of things to do! 

A lazy morning

I love taking my time to wake up properly, focusing on the feel-good effects of my BB Detox green tea that gets my day off to a gentle start with an irresistibly tangy note!

Time to go to the showroom and begin the day’s meetings…

Somewhere between creating new pieces, rolling out communications strategies, and promoting our jewelry, I like to reserve some time just for me. I take a relaxing, delicious break with a cup of white tea by Alain Ducasse, and I don’t know what I love more – the beautiful design and elegant tin, or the subtle fruity flavors…

Lunch break

My favorite part of the day, when I treat myself to some real time off with my friends or a business lunch. Whether personal or professional, I always head to one of my local restaurants downstairs from the office to save a bit more time…

An afternoon at work

As part of the preparations for the Summer 2018 collection photoshoot, we create inspirational mood boards on the theme of “a trip to Bali.” We search for different looks, styles, and make-up ideas, and begin to develop the design! My golden rule is no more caffeine after 4 p.m., but I still want to enjoy a hot drink while I work. Fortunately, I recently discovered the AquaRosa blend, a fruity, tangy infusion that my children also adore as an iced tea!

7.30 p.m.

The evening begins with drinks with friends and colleagues as I run from inaugurations to cocktail parties. It seems Paris is a moveable feast!

10 p.m.

Finally, back home to peace and quiet! After quickly checking any late emails and replying to a few last posts, I gently slip into “relaxation” mode. My chilled ritual wouldn’t be complete without a comforting mug of the Be Cool blend – my final moment of indulgence before I fall fast asleep…

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